euroleague basketball live score,The football today results championship Grizzly Feeder can handle large feed rates with coarse blasted rock and also the material impact from dump trucks or wheel loaders. Its step height and tapered grizzly bars eliminate pegging and enhances the efficiency of separation.

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  • Counter unbalanced electric motor drive.
  • Hardened steel replaceable grizzly cartridge sections.
  • High manganese steel replaceable tapered grizzly bars with cartridge type arrangement for effective scalp and bypass material to relieve the crusher.
  • Impact areas are covered with high wear resistant replaceable liners.
  • Modular vibrator with cardan shaft design comes with easy maintenance, excellent durability and adjustable stroke.
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DESCRIPTION UNIT AVGF 940 V2 AVGF 1142 V2 AVGF 1344 V2 AVGF 1353 V2 AVGF 1661 V2
Dimension (WxL) mm 900x4100 1100x4200 1300x4400 1300x5300 1600x6100
(inch) (35.4x161.4) (43.3x165.3) (51.1x173.2) (51.1x208.6) (62.9x240.1)
Feed Size (Max.) mm 450 700 900 900 1200
(inch) (17.71) (27.5) (35.4) (35.4) (47.2)
*Capacity (Max.) TPH 250 400 500 600 1000
Grizzly Area (WxL) mm 900x1200 1100x1500 1300x1400 1300x2100 1600x2600
(inch) (35.4x47.2) (43.3x59.0) (51.1x55.1) (51.1x82.6) (62.9x102.3)
Scalp Screening Area (WxL) mm 740x840 850x1000 900x1240 1240x1800 1590x1940
(inch) (29.1x33) (33.0x39.3) (35.4x48.8) (35.4x70.86) (62.5x76.3)
Grizzly Bar Material   Replaceable wear resistant material prevents clogging and packing
Mounting Type (optional)   Skid
Drive Mechanism   Electrical unbalanced motors Modular Vibrator
Motor Power kW 2x4.3 2x4.3 2x6.2 2x7.9 1x30
(hp) (2x6) (2x6) (2x8) (2x11) (1x40)
Weight kg 3350 3500 4500 6000 10500
(Ton) (3.35) (3.5) (4.5) (6.0) (10.5)
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