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Basic Rules of Volleyball - Double Contact on Setting

how bad the sound is... as long as the hands touch the ball simultaneously (there is no double contact.) In reality referees call those balls fairly often - and probably even the players feel they have committed a fault - even if according to the rules they haven't. Basic Volleyball Rules - Double Hit in General Double hit is ALLOWED on the first contact, when . Serve receiving, or; Digging; Conclusion. When player serve receives the ball overhead, the double contact is allowed.

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What Is A Double Contact In Volleyball? Definition & Meaning ...

What Is The Definition Of Double Contact? 1. A double contact, or double hit, occurs in volleyball when a player touches the ball twice in a row, or if the ball touches two parts of the player’s body in succession. This does not apply for when setting a ball as long as the player’s hands are together and touch the ball at the same time. Examples Of How Double Contact Is Used In Commentary

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The Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB), the governing body of worldwide volleyball, defines a double contact with rule 9.3.4. According to the FIVB, a double contact is when a player hits the ball twice in succession or the ball contacts various parts of the body in succession. It is important for players to understand that a double hit in volleyball will be called regardless of intent.

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Double contact calls are much stricter in beach volleyball, allowing for very minimal rotation of the ball in the air after it is set, and players are not allowed to “tip” the ball over the net using an open hand.

What Is a Double Contact and a Lift in Volleyball?

A double contact performed by a volleyball player on the initial touch is essentially legal. To illustrate, if the spiker spikes the volleyball, the player performing defense could contact the ball two times in an effort to dig the ball.

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1. Double contact on the first team hit. It is legal to make multiple contacts on the ball during the first team contact. The contact must be a single attempt at playing the ball to be legal. If the ball is played twice in succession, it is an illegal 2 hits. On second and third team contacts, double hits (or multiple contacts) are illegal.

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DOUBLE CONTACT: A player contacts the volleyball twice (2 separate attempts) in succession or the ball contacts various parts of a player's body in succession. If you enjoyed these tips and would like to keep it close to you at any time, just save this pin to your Pinterest Volleyball Board .

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unless a discernible double contact or blatant fault occurs 5 Court Markings: Court markings must adhere to the specifications described in Rule 1 If the referees identify that court markings are not legal and cannot be remedied for the current event, the match will be played and then the

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If two people touch the ball simultaneously, it counts as two of the three hits per play. Neither of those two people can touch the ball in that play to send it over the net; if one does, it's...