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Top 25 Dribblers In NBA History 25 25. Ricky Rubio. Ricky Rubio is the reigning showman of the NBA. There have always been players in NBA history who... 24 24. Mark Price. When most people hear the name Mark Price, they think he was just a pure shooter. If they think... 23 23. Magic Johnson. There ...

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A Chronological Look At The Major Refinements Team Size. Originally, there was no set rule on the number of players. The idea was that the game could be played by any... Substitutions. Initially, players were not allowed to re-enter the game. The rule was changed in 1920 to allow a player... ...

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In basketball, dribbling is bouncing the ball on the floor continuously with one hand at a time. It is the only legal way that a player may maintain possession of the ball while walking or running. James Naismith's original rules said nothing about dribbling, merely stating that passing the ball was the legal way of advancing it. Players soon developed the strategy of "passing to themselves", which Naismith himself both endorsed and admired for its ingenuity, and which evolved into the ...

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Dribbling: the original rules stated that a player had to pass the ball from the spot where they caught the ball. Players soon started to “move” with the ball by dropping the ball, changing position, and then catching it again. In 1901 players could dribble the ball once (but could not then shoot) and in 1909 unlimited dribbling was allowed.

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Dribbling is one of these moves that have a wide range and are very customizable. Every year there are new dribble moves that are being invented or being popularized. Many NBA players have signature dribbling moves such as Allen Iverson’s crossover and Kyrie Irving’s crossover that have a special place in NBA history.

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Dribbling was introduced in 1901. While Naismith initially wrote that team sizes could range from 3 to 40 players, depending on the size of the floor space, five-player squads became the norm.

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The first team credited with advancing the ball by dribbling it played at Yale in 1897, and the official allowance for the dribble, just one per possession at first, were adopted four years later.

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About/History of Basketball: - Basketball was invented in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts by Dr. Naismith. It was actually at Springfield College (where Miss Goodman, Mrs. Hendry and Miss Warren all went to college). - At first, a peach basket was used instead of a rim and net.