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3 Effective, Fun Volleyball Serving Drills - stack

Fun Volleyball Serving Drills Serve ‘n Sprint. This highly effective drill teaches players to sprint on the court directly after they serve the ball. Divide team into two groups.

5 Volleyball Serving Drills to Improve Consistency and ...

This is one of the best volleyball serving drills for developing pinpoint accuracy inside of a zone and learning how to serve consistently under pressure. Drill Setup: Teams are divided equally behind serving lines on each side of the court; Each court has two zones with six small cones inside each zone (12 per side) Each player gets a ball

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3 Volleyball Drills for Serving | ACTIVE

Volleyball Drill No. 1: Arm Toss. Right-handed players stand with left foot slightly ahead of right foot. Hold ball in left hand and extend the arm straight out from body at a 90-degree angle. (Left-handed players will be exactly opposite.)

Volleyball Serving Drills - Best Volleyball Drills

Volleyball Serving Drills 10 Serves In Purpose To reinforce the principles of a proper serve technique and of serving it inside the court Setup Divide your players into groups of 3-4Give each group 2-3 ballsTwo groups will start, one

Volleyball serving Drills for Beginners

The Drill 1. Players compete one pair at a time. Serve attempting to serve six balls in order to the designated location. Two balls to zone 1, 2 balls to zone 6, and 2 balls to zone 5. 2. The server gets 3 points for a serve into the correct zone. 1 point for a serve into any other zone, and 0 points for a missed serve. 3. The server's partner feeds balls to the server and calls out the score after each serve.

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Rapid Fire. Passers are the first ones to touch the ball when it’s traveling over the net which, in turn, determines how their team controls the ball in their court. This is why passing drills are important. They build up muscle memory and solidify your team’s coordination on how you prepare for an attack.

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Browse our extensive library of volleyball drill videos and blog posts to see a variety of coaching tips and volleyball practice drills to implement in your next training session. November 10, 2021 - Videos , Serving Technique , Passing Technique , Setting Technique , Hitting Technique , Beginner / Youth , Ball Control Drills , Hitting Drills ...

Zone serving drill - The Art of Coaching Volleyball

To work on precise serving, this Zone serving drill divides the normal 6 zones into 25. Players have to focus on small target areas. Scoring can vary, but here two teams compete to see who reaches 7…

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